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The Cloak of Steel (The Magic Crystals, #5)
Parisian Tails
Corridors (The Magic Crystals, #4)
Hunt and Power (The Magic Crystals, #3)

Parisian Tails

Blurb from ‘Parisian Tails’

Meet Paris, the spunky seeing-eye dog. This yellow Labrador had style, intelligence, and such a mischievous nature that she could simply ignore you if you tried to interrupt what she was doing.

With a playful demeanour, soft coat and paintbrush tail, Paris was just Paris; a larger than life character who gave unconditional love to everyone in the family and beyond.

In the nine years that she lived with Stephen Hayes, she laid her paws on the hearts of many. She also laid her head on the laps of many, especially around the dinner table in the hope that they might drop a piece of food into her mouth.

This is her story, and the memories of those whom she left behind.

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